Tuesday, December 18, 2012

f0recast v1.4

What is New?

  • Now shows available SHSH blobs stored on Cydia's TSS server. (kudos to @iNeal for the idea).
  • Provides a link to the list of firmwares available for the connected device. (Courtesy of @icj_'s API).
  • Slight UI changes.
  • Added support for latest scenarios.
  • Added new devices (iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, iPad mini, etc).
  • Built-in update check.
  • What happened to Factory Unlock Status Check?!

  • Legality Issues (to sum it up).
  • Known Bugs/Issues:

  • Windows 8 users currently need to use this workaround to run f0recast.

  • Report any issues to iH8sn0w via Email (iH8sn0w@iH8sn0w.com) or Twitter (@iH8sn0w)

    Downloadable for Mac OS X (10.5+) and Windows at http://iH8sn0w.com

    UPDATE #1: Pushing f0recast v1.4.1 to address some crashes (mainly on Windows build)


    1. Could you possibly elaborate on the unlock legality issues? I, and I'm sure many others, would be interested.

      1. The way I was looking it up was by an API I created that would directly interact with Apple GSX and process a request to check the status of an IMEI. In the long run, Apple would become aware of how I'm doing it and do something drastic such as limit the amount of requests permitted per GSX account (200 per hour for example) or most likely terminate my account. I'm also pretty sure its a violation of Apple GSX's term of service. There are alternatives to checking the unlock status... But then the issue of bandwidth/load management comes into effect. Unless the device is jailbroken there isn't much you do to check. I will continue looking into it in the near future though.

      2. Global Service Exchange (GSX) is AppleCare's Repair management and service parts ordering tool and entry point for AppleCare service information. In GSX you can create a Repair, order service parts for stocking, order media and materials, set-up a mail-in Repair, order the AppleCare Protection Plan, monitor your AppleCare Service Excellence scores, track your service invoices, submit billing escalations and more.

        Anyway you can use our free iPhone IMEI Checker.

        Good Luck!

    2. I'm on Windows 7 and can't strat it do I need a specific version of iTunes? It says can't Hook iTunes

    3. Let me start by saying I am a novice at jailbreaking/unlocking. I started 4 days ago. I have managed to get a tethered jailbreak and unlock of my granddaughters iphone 3gs (new boot rom) on ios 6.0.1. Many kudos to the fine people who are doing the jailbreak/unlock work. In order to accomplish this I did the jailbreak with sn0breeze, tried the unlock which did not work. I then used redsn0w to downgrade the modem firmware and all was well. I now use ibooty to start the phone and have given her a copy of the program. Is there an easier way to do what I did? I did not have access to any blobs that I am aware of.

      1. Yes there is(if you have idea regarding shsh blobs then you can do more).But if you are dull in iPhone just Download iOs 4.1 for iPhone 3gs.Restore with itunes.Restore with itunes and fix recovery through ireb(www.ih8sn0w.com).And you will get ios 4.1 now jailbreak with redsn0w and get untethered. :-)
        If you want step by step process check my blog(http://www.iphonetips4free.blogspot.com/2012/10/downgrade-3gs-without-shsh-blobs.html)

    4. Sorry I know I am off topic and in the wrong place but, Q: Wife updated iOS to 6.0.1 via WiFi. Non-jailbroken iPhone 4s is now in recovery mode. Don´t want to restore (no backup since the renaissance). Tried kicking it out using tinyumbrella (stuck in loop) and fixrecovery 421 (goes through what I believe is all the stages but ultimately ends up in recovery mode again). Any hope of retrieving photos etc. ?

      1. theres nothing idea rather then restore for i4s

    5. Try the iphone factory unlock at Jailbreakhome.com. They provide a very fast and affordable iPhone unlock. The unlock delivery time is just 24 hours. I'm glad with the result and my phone is now permanently unlock.

    6. I'm a novice Jailbreaker. Managed to jailbreak my old 3rd gen, but am now on a iTouch 4G with IoS 4.3.3.

      I thought I could just upgrade this to IoS 6.1.2 and use Evasion, but when I try and upgrade with one of the ipsw's I just get 3194 errors. I think this is because I have no SHSHs?

      I'm trying to work out whether to hang on to IoS 4.3.3 (which is a nuisance as many apps don't work on it) in the hope I eventually find a way to upgrade, or just allow ITunes to upgrade me to IoS 6.1.3 which it keeps asking me to do.

      I'm kind of afraid of burning my bridges by upgrading as I really want to Jailbreak the iTouch eventually, but I don't want a tethered Jailbreak.

      Any advice would be welcome

    7. Hey,That's an issue when Cydia's TSS server does not know what build it is. Its not f0recast's fault. The server simply returned "null" as the firmware version. I'm assuming probably because the device is one that is not publicly jailbroken yet (iPhone 5/iPad mini), so the need to display the available SHSH blobs in the top banner of Cydia is not required yet.Thank you!!!

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